at the group show “JCDecaux Prize: Dignity”, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius 2018

Participating artists:
Gabrielė Adomaitytė, Matas Janušonis, Goda Palekaitė, Anastasia Sosunova, Collective „Pinigų uostas“

Curators: Monika Kalinauskaitė ir Adomas Narkevičius

Photos: Inga Jankūnaitė

Tainstvo is the Latin transliteration of the word “sacrament” in Russian and is a simultaneously abstract and institutional term. On the one hand, it can be used to define everything related to the field of spirituality, while on the other it denotes specific Christian rituals — different sacraments. In my eponymous video installation I research the situation and different paths toward faith in members of the Lithuanian Orthodox church — a community situated in a contradictory state amongst different languages, borders and political systems. I edit conversations with believers and church officials, as well as images of liturgical symbols “hunted down” in the everyday like Pokemon, to create an inner polemic and comment on the role of religion in contemporaneity.