On Behalf of Terra
MA diploma work

Looking for intelligent extra-terrestrial life we send our own signals to the would-be listeners. The installation On behalf of Terra is a comment on what a human being, as a species, is, and, as a whole, what Earth is in interstellar communication. In the project I analyze how issues of communication, self-presentation and articulation intersect. Bodies, beings and matters tend tell a lot of what what is hidden by language. In interstellar communication, we happen to appear in a wild situation beyond language and symbols.

Series of resin objects from On behalf of Terra project are breaking into the microbial level of individualism in a non-human form. The enlarged cellular life forms encapsulate fragments of the nature that I found myself surrounded by. At the same time, the end result resembles artefacts from a time of nebulous origins. The works propose a non-anthropocentric view on the world by basing life on a non-hierarchical ontology in which all the subjects coexist on the same level. Bodies and materials in space become the language that is capable of unveiling the true nature of the Earth.

On Behalf of Terra as part of Rupert group exhibition for ArtVilnius’17

Curators: Maximilian Gallo. Justė Jonutytė, Adomas Narkevičius

Artists: James Lewis, Jenine Marsh, Anna-Bella Papp, Miša Skalskis, Anastasia Sosunova, Andrea Zucchini.

Photos: Andrej Vasilenko