Lines and Tribes
at the group show DEPOT, Lentvaris locomotive depot, 2018

Participating artists:
Algirdas Jakas, Anastasia Sosunova, Austėja Masliukaitė, Mykolas Natalevičius, Gailė Griciūtė & Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi, Milda Dainovskytė

Curator: Milda Dainovskytė

Photos: Laurynas Skeisgiela

Installation Lines and Tribes is devoted to the topic of cultural border marking and repetition of traditions. Thinking of how the rails are etched through the train depot’s spaces, I investigate how the unofficial structures and invisible lines affect our behavior models and tastes. Specially for the exhibition, immitations of the stuffed pike were created – an Eastern European jews’ Sabbath dish. This realistic way of representation attracts the attention to the power of performative repetition that can establish and deform certain phenomenons. The taste of the well known gefilte fish is geographical: Polish and Western Ukraine’s territories make it sweet, yet in Lithuania and eastwards it is made savoury. The Yiddish language researcher Marvin Herzog has discovered that there exists a gefilte fish line which crosses Europe around 40 km from Warsaw and matches the borders of the Yiddish dialect territories. This installation draws a parallel between the traditions of our close environments, set by an unconscious heritage, and the alternative territorial lines of identity, unmarked on the political map of Europe. 

The exhibition was partly funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania and Lithuanian Council for Culture.